Personal protective equipment

Safety Harnesses

The safety harness for climbing utility is specially designed for working at height facade, vertical walls, in emergencies, descent, rescue etc.

The belt is recommended for long journeys vertical or inclined to work in suspended position.



The lanyards (also known as ropes or safety belts) are components of the fall protecting systems (work-at-height systems).

The lanyards must have a maximum unfolded length of 2 meters, and the adjust of their length is made in such a way that, after the surrounding of the element of construction (pillar, caisson, metal profile), the distance between the worker’s chest and the construction element to be of maximum 0,5 meters.

Retractable fall arresters

Retractable type fall arrestors are fall protection equipment and can be mounted on rigid elements positioned above the work area.

Fall stops are used with the absorbers of energy, which are designed to retrieve and download the kinetic energy resulting from a fall from height.

Retractable type fall arrestors are of two types, namely with the strap and cable.