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Industrial rope access

Rope Access is a flexible and efficient way to position a technician in inaccessible places.

It is a safe and effective alternative to the classical method, the scaffolding.

Rope Access is distinguished by:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Maximum productivity
  • Controlled costs
  • High quality
  • Flexibility

The Eolica Technical Support team provides industrial rope access services, being IRATA certified (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association).

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Eolica Technical Support sistem linia vietii

Lifeline installation

The safety of the workers must not be neglected!

The Lifeline system is used in work areas where technicians need mobility and which do not allow anchoring to a fixed point.

The Lifeline system takes many forms, from suspended wires over the technicians, on which slides a wheelchair, to pillars at the knee-high, connected by a steel cable, on the length of which slides the metallic clamshell link of the connection mean.

The Eolica Technical Support team deals with the security of your employees.

We deliver and install permanent fall protection systems. The installation includes calculation and design of the systems, user training and maintenance services, and periodical inspection.

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Eolica Technical Support training


We are accredited to provide training services for using the devices and equipment in the portfolio.

The training addresses both the direct beneficiaries and the partner centers across Europe.

Our instructors have significant experience in working at height in a variety of applications. Most of them are members of organizations that deal with the rescue and evacuation of persons from height.

This guarantees once more the high level of courses and workshops.

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Industrial Rope Access

Rope Access has quickly become the preferred means of access to height in all industries.

This approach has proven to be cost-effective compared to conventional access systems. Through rapid mobilization and minimum execution time, work activities can be initiated faster.

By using rope access techniques, the industry benefited from reduced working time, significantly reduced costs, improved safety and increased efficiency performance.

Eolica Technical Support rope access

Installation and replacement of telecom equipment

Eolica Technical Support offers services consisting of installation and replacement of receivers systems and equipment for mobile communication and broadcast. All these include the receivers, the equipment and the related components, and the cables too.

Our company has specialized teams, trained and accredited according to the standards in force, with vast experience in the transmission equipment domain.

The staff is IRATA certified for working at height.

Eolica Technical Support corrosion

Applying corrosion protection

  • Dry sandblasting
  • Wet Sandblasting
  • Water sandblasting/sanding water
  • Mechanical surface preparation
  • Chemical pickling
  • Skimming
  • De-dusting
  • Pressure washer
  • Steam Washing
  • Wet and dry layer thickness measurement
  • Airless painting execution
Eolica Technical Support industrial rope access

Cleaning and sealing surfaces

We provide cleaning services for buildings and roofs, vertical surfaces and vertical structures.

We also offer services such as:

  • Installation/ Maintenance/ Replacement of roofing systems and components
  • Weatherproofing sealing for vertical buildings and structures
  • Installing/replacing lightning rod and components
  • Installing/replacing wiring and components at height
Eolica Technical Support industrial rope access

Construction/ demolition of civil and industrial vertical structures

We provide consulting and services that require rope access techniques for installing both civil and industrial vertical structures.

Our technicians have the necessary experience and credentials to the most exacting standards.

We can also carry out demolition and disposal or recovery of mechanized equipment.

The objectives can be buildings, warehouses, piers, poles, towers, tanks or other vertical structures.



Thank you on behalf of BSS for the services provided, referring to execution deadlines, flexibility and quality. By this, I am convinced that in the future we will work at least as well.

Ilie Dinculescu
Area Facility Manager
CEZ – Building Support Services


The key to success is knowing what to do, and doing it well; by the project developed within our company, the ETS team has proved to master this key.

Professionalism, reliability, flexibility, and, most important – compliance with all safety rules are several reasons to develop other projects with them.

We believe that Eolica Technical Support is a reliable partner, able to meet the highest requirements; this is why the company HUTCHINSON highly recommends them.

DANA Ionita,
Purchasing Manager


I can say that I enjoyed working with Eolica Technical Support’ representatives, and appreciated their good knowledge of legislation/ SSM rules in force.

The work-at-height solutions presented by Eolica representatives were of the highest quality and I hope for future partnerships on other projects.

I appreciated the professionalism, and I recommended them to my colleagues in the company.

Iulian Tanase
Automobile Dacia SA


Established in 1994 as a subsidiary of Henkel Austria (which became in 1998 Henkel Central Eastern Europe), Henkel Romania currently has about 500 employees, and its portfolio includes 30 brands and thousands of products, from cosmetics, detergents and home care products, adhesives and industrial to commercial technologies.

The partnership with Eolica Technical Support was initiated at the beginning of 2015 in our desire to ensure safe working conditions for our employees regarding working at height.

The Eolica Technical Support representatives provided us with advice, solutions, equipment, and training services to personnel involved in their use, suitable for work at height situations in our factories. I especially appreciated meeting the deadlines, their kindness, willingness and professionalism.

Our collaboration was translated by implementing systems and solutions regarding fall protection and working at the height of safety in all 3 factories of Henkel Romania.

Business partners of Henkel Romania must meet certain quality standards regarding services and products; I can say that Eolica Technical Support managed to meet all our requirements very well.

You do not need too many words when you need to describe TIMELINESS, RELIABILITY and PROFESSIONALISM. EOLICA TECHNICAL SUPPORT already proved all these qualities; for these reasons we warmly recommend them!

Delia Stroe
Safety, Health & Environment Coordinator


The collaboration with Eolica Technical Support was a positive experience for Cargill.

The project carried out with our partners consisted of inscription of Cargill silos with warning and restriction messages at 10-12 meters from the ground. Access to the inscription area was made exclusively by rope.

The vital element in choosing a partner was the certification for working in rope and first aid. A strength was how they were equipped and met the safety work standards, skills and confidence when operating the equipment.

Upon completion of the work, I was pleased to see that the inscription is consistent with our expectations both in terms of quality and positioning. In addition, our partner gave us favorable commercial conditions.

Mihai Cuciuc
South Region Operations Manager
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