Horizontal lifeline


In accordance with EN 795 Class C

Altiline protection system is ideal when the distance technician operates the lock.

It allows continuous movement without any restrictions and system separation when passing through intermediate anchors.

Locker allows connecting and disconnecting from the system at any point of it.

Due to its finish, Altiline system easily integrates into diverse architectural restrictions.

Altiline can have a high degree of complexity, its installation being dictated by the shape of the structure and other obstacles.

Each system has integrated fall indicators.

In addition, the stainless steel components offers a high level of corrosion resistance.


In accordance with EN 795 Class D

The ALTIRAIL fall protection system ensure continuity of horizontal displacement. Cart is fitted with rollers for smooth movement, regardless of the position in which it is used.

The system is certified for distances between supports of up to 6 meters and is able to support up to six people simultaneously.

Installation can be done in complex configurations exchangers directions because the cart can pass through without detachment in 4 directions.

Unlike cable systems, it reduces the distance free fall because of the rigidity of the system.

Additionally, it allows the work in suspension.


In accordance with EN 795 Class C

BATYLINE system allows continuous movement through intermediate anchors without disconnection and restrictions, with a simple karabiner.

The various possibilities of color and place allow it to integrate well into diverse architectural constraints, with the option of some of the most complex configurations.

The system integrates fall and stretch indicators, having stainless steel components for a very good corrosion resistance.