Inclined lifeline


In accordance with EN 795 Class C and EN 353-2

The COMBILINE protection system can be installed vertically, horizontally or obliquely; it’s certified for steep gradients exceeding 15 °.

The operator can move without restrictions and without detaching from the system when passing through the intermediate anchors.

It’s the purpose of the bidirectional fall arrester, certified EN 353-2 without a textile absorber. It can be connected anywhere on the system.

Available shapes and colors allow integration into a wide variety of architectural constraints. The flexibility of the cable provides a high degree of complexity.

The system is equipped with a fall indicator, a shock absorber and turnbuckles.

The stainless steel components offer high corrosion resistance.

Eolica Technical Support inclined lifeline


In accordance with EN 795 Class D and EN 353-1: 2002

COMBIRAIL is a flexible protection system that allows the continuity of movement on vertical, horizontal and inclined structures.

Bidirectional lock of fall protects the use of the system.

Due to the exchangers’ directions, they can have the most complex configurations.

In addition to cable systems, these systems reduce the free fall distance and permit working in suspension.

Eolica Technical Support inclined lifeline