Industrial Rope Access

The Rope Access has quickly become the preferred means of access to high in all industries.

This approach offers an alternative that has proven to be effective in terms of cost compared with conventional access systems. Through the rapid mobilization and setting of a minimum execution time, the beginning of work activities is facilitated more rapidly.

By using the rope access techniques, the industry benefited of reduced working time, significantly reducing costs, improving safety and increasing efficiency performance.

Installation/replacement of telecom equipments

Eolica Technical Support executes works of installation and replacement for receivers systems and equipments for mobile communication and broadcast. All these include the receivers, the equipments and the related components, but the cables too.

Our company have specialized installers teams, trained and accredited according to the standards in force, having a wide experience in the transmission equipments domain.

The staff is certified IRATA for working at height.

Apply corrosion protection

  • Dry sandblasting
  • Wet Sandblasting
  • Water sandblasting / sanding water
  • Mechanical surface preparation
  • Chemical pickling
  • Skimming
  • De-dusting
  • Pressure washer
  • Steam Washing
  • Wet and dry layer thickness measurement
  • Painting – application airless

Cleaning and sealing surfaces

We provide cleaning services for buildings and roofs, vertical surfaces and vertical structures.

Adjacent we offer services:

  • Installation / Maintenance / replacement roofing systems and components
  • Weatherproofing sealing vertical buildings and structures
  • Installing / replacing components lightning rod
  • Installing / replacing wiring and components at height.

Construction / demolition civil and industrial vertical structures

ETS provide both consulting, and services that requires rope access techniques for installation of vertical structures, both civil and industrial.

Technicians have experience and credentials, to the most exacting standards.

Adjacent we can carry out demolition and disposal or recovery of mechanized equipment.

The objectives can be buildings, warehouses, piers, poles, towers, tanks or other vertical structure.